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2 Day Online Workshop for Kingdom Creativepreneurs

Partner to Prosper

Leverage Partnerships to Amplify Your Impact,
Expand Your Reach & Scale Your Sales

Who this is for...

  • Mission-driven, Jesus-loving online entrepreneurs who want to use their creativity to brighten the world, and advance the kingdom of God... and do it profitably - but without all the hustle and grind 

  • Authors, bloggers, writers and aspiring authors

  • Artists (including those who do painting, mixed media, illustration, lettering, digital art, etc.)

  • Speakers, podcasters, YouTubers and other content creators

  • Graphic designers (including digital product and printable creators)

  • Etsy or other online shop owners

    Proven Strategies that Work!

  • This workshop will not be full of hype or fluff!

    I will be revealing the exact strategies I have used in my own creativepreneur journey...

    along with some costly mistakes I made - and how you can avoid them.

    JoDitt Williams - Amazon Bestselling Author/Artist

What You Will Do in This Workshop

Experience the power (and joy) of collaborative, synergistic partnerships!

DAY 1: Connect & Create

Explore the opportunities.

Establish your "right-fit, feel-good" partner criteria.

Create a strategy to ensure every collab is a Win-Win-Win!

Create a simple, yet strategic, purposeful partner offer (even if you have nothing to offer!)

DAY 2: Form Strategic Alliances

Pitch your partner offer
(even if you're a newbie).

Respond to partner offers (without compromising your values) .

Prepare to be a VIP (Very Influential Partner) that others can't wait to partner with... including your Dream Collab Partners.


Trade in icky marketing tactics & chronic social posting for fun, feel-good collaborations.

Save hundreds of hours and dollars by implementing your new strategic partnership plan to grow your list, nurture your customers and build your network...

--- without all the hustle and grind.

If you are ready to develop partnerships that will boost your visibility, credibility and book, art and product sales,
join us for this fun Online Workshop 

Starting in...










Meet Your Host

Hi. I'm JoDitt. I'm an author, artist, speaker and entrepreneur. I help women flourish in faith and business through art and creativity. 

I believe the best way to overcome the darkness in this world is to let our lights shine. Rather than competing with other light-bearers, I want to join forces to create a much brighter light than any of us could release on our own. 

As much as I would love to hide out in my studio creating my works of art, I have an even greater desire to BECOME a work of art.

Ephesians 2:10 says that "We are his masterpiece..." (not masterpieces). It is only when we are joined together that we become the masterpiece God created us to be.

I would love for you to be a part of this movement to BRIGHTEN the world as we BECOME God's masterpiece.

   - JoDitt Williams

Amazon Bestselling Authour;
Founder and CEO of JoDitt Designs, Brighten the Corner Publishing, and Kingdom Creativepreneurs Coalition

Answers to Questions You Might Have

  • When is the workshop?

  • Monday & Tuesday, October 3rd & 4th at 12 noon - 3 pm CST each day

  • Is this virtual or in person?

  • This is a virtual, interactive workshop hosted on Zoom. 

  • Will I need to pay to attend?

  • This training is free, but space is limited.

  • Is this just another "webinar" full of fluff with a pitch at the end?

  • Nope. This is an implementation-based training with exercises you will complete during the workshop - and you will get feedback on what you create. You will not be able to buy anything during this training workshop.

  • Why are you offering this for free?

  • I truly want to connect and collaborate with other Kingdom creativepreneurs so we can all have a greater impact. Also, this is a way for me to build your trust by getting you results. It will allow you to "taste and see" if you might like to partner together on other projects in the future.

    A Few Amazing Women I Have Been Blessed to Partner With

    "It was a true delight to have you speak at our mini summit ... and I am so glad we connected further through various summit participations. I appreciate all the times we've collaborated and the work you do as you continue to be a blessing to those connected to you online and beyond.

    Thank you for leading so powerfully by faith. I know your partners, members and supporters are empowered by what you continue to share and create fearlessly."

    Stacy Zant

    CEO, The Fearless Creator

    "Hello Beloved Collaborator!

    I'm very grateful for your help with this project! It is tremendous favor to have your insight, experience, and love! You are a key part of this movement to release women into a joyful relationship with Jesus. 

    Because you are such a delightful (pun intended) contribution to our community, [Kingdom Journey Academy] I’m hoping you want to continue this journey with me as well. My audience truly loves you."

    Claudia Klann

    Artist & Life Coach, ClaudiaKlann.com

    "You are incredible, JoDitt!

    Thank your for organizing this [Dare to Draw Digitally Retreat] and getting both the content creators and participants together. I think what makes this particular event stand out from the others that I have participated in is your genuine concern in helping your partners and participants.

    It’s awesome to be creative and even more awesome to create that which God has placed upon our hearts to do so."

    Faith Lee

    CEO, Faith's Biz Academy

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