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Do you want to hear directly from God
about how he sees you
and who he says you are?

Do you want to learn how to paint
a self-portrait that expresses the truth
of who God says you are?

And have a ton of fun in the process?
- even if you are not an artist?

Then come join me for a fun, interactive, creative, virtual play date!

  • Upcoming Virtual Classes

    Dates TBA soon!

    pretty lead magnet templates

    You Are Unique!

    Making time to hear and be inspired by God is hard to prioritize, but when you feel God speak to your heart, it impacts you forever.


    I will provide templates, tips and simple, easy to follow instructions.
    No art experience required! 

    First Virtual Class

    I've taught this class several times in person.

    Now, I'm finally bringing all the fun online, so you can attend, from anywhere in the world.

  • Attend from the comfort of your own home. No need to travel!

  • No need to pack supplies. 

  • Use whatever art supplies you already have on hand.

  • Connect with other believers around the world in an intimate online classroom via Zoom.

  • pretty design checklist
    coloring page lead magnet templates


  • being able to move forward with confidence, because you are confident of who you are

  • leaving behind labels put on you by others

  • no longer being held back by thoughts that you are not ______ enough

  • Have Fun...

  • learning real portrait art skills

  • learning several different styles of lettering

  • connecting with God through creativity

  • topical scripture list
    printable calendar with bible verses

    From Past Attendees...

  • Thank you for leading us!! You have inspired me more than you will ever know!!! - Heather

  • This class is powerful and fun! It truly awakens us to h ow God sees us, while dispelling the lies we believe about ourselves. It is a class everyone should take. - Nicole

  • Seeing who I am, on paper, in full-color, somehow gets that truth down deep into my heart in a way that spoken words alone could not do! - J. D.

  • All Ages Welcome!

    Unique Canva templates that are easy to customize!